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Kennedy's Brain

The Fjällbacka Murders
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Innocently Convicted
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The Millennium Trilogy
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Maria Wern
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Anno 1790

Political Drama
Those in Power
 (3-Part Mini Series)





In Swedish with English subtitles.

Those in Power is a mini series of three parts: The Crown, The Regicide and The Sacrifice. It is based on the bestselling trilogy by Hanne Vibeke Holst about women in politics. Political intrigue, the use (and abuse) of media, and what really goes on in the corridors of power.

This series was recently shown on MHz Networks Worldview's International Mystery program.

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Episodes 1-12
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Descriptions of the 3-Part Trilogy

Those In Power
The Crown: Episodes 1-4

Charlotte Ekeblad - thirty something and married with two kids - is at a crossroads in her life. She has just given up a successful career working for the environment to move to Africa where her husband has been stationed when she receives an offer she cannot refuse - the post of Minister of Environment in the Social Democrat government. Charlotte faces difficult new challenges both on the job and at home, where her husband adjusts to his changing role.

Those In Power
The Regicide: Episodes 1-4

The Regicide is a penetrating depiction of the inner machinations of power in its public and private guises. A compelling and intensely thrilling story about those who rule and those affected by that rule, about power and powerlessness, and above all, about perpetrators and victims.

Those In Power
The Sacrifice: Episodes 1-4

Party leader Meyer has never made a big deal of the fact that she comes from a Jewish family. But because of her background, she is now confronted with a death threat from Islamic fundamentalists, which is why she is forced to live under the constant protection of the Swedish security services.