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Contemporary Mystery Series

Michael Dibdin Ratking Vendetta Cabal Dead Lagoon Cosi Fan Tutti A Long Finish Blood Rain And Then You Die Medusa
 Back to Bologna  End Games A Rich Full Death

Timothy Holme The Neapolitan Streak A Funeral of Gondolas The Devil and the Dolce Vita The Assissi Murders At the Lake of Sudden Death

Donna Leon Death at La Fenice Death in a Strange Country Dressed for Death/The Anonymous Venetian Death and Judgement/A Venetian Reckoning Acqua Alta The Death of Faith A Noble Radiance Fatal Remedies Friends in High Places A Sea of Troubles Wilful Behaviour Uniform Justice Doctored Evidence Blood From A Stone Through a Glass Darkly
Suffer the Little Children The Girl of His Dreams About Face  A Question of Belief   Drawing Conclusions
Beastly Things The Golden Egg

Donna Leon / Handel's Bestiary: In Search of Animals in Handel's Operas Venetian Curiosities  The Jewels of Paradise

Roberta Pianaro/At Table with Brunetti

Lucretia Grindle/The Faces of Angels The Ville Triste The Lost Daughter

Marco Vichi/Death in August Death and the Olive Grove Valerio Varesi / River of Shadows The Dark Valley  Jan Merete Weiss/These Dark Things
Tobias Jones / The Salati Case  |  White Death
Christobel Kent / A Time of Mourning  A Fine and Private Place
Conor Fitzgerald / The Dogs of Rome | The Fatal Touch  The Namesake
Luigi Guicciardi / Criminal Summer

Magdalen Nabb Death of an Englishman Death of a Dutchman Death in Springtime Death in Autumn The Marshal and the Murderer The Marshal and the Madwoman The Marshal's Own Case The Marshal Makes His Report The Marshal at the Villa Torrini The Monster of Florence Property of Blood Some Bitter Taste  The Innocent Vita Nuova
The Prosecutor (co-author: Paolo Vagheggi)

Grace Brophy/The Last Enemy | A Deadly Paradise 
Simon Buck Library of the Soul Crypto da Vinci Iscariot

Iain Pears The Raphael Affair The Titian Committee The Bernini Bust The Last Judgement Giotto's Hand Death and Restoration The Immaculate Deception

Edward Sklepowich Death in a Serene City Farewell to the Flesh Liquid Desires Black Bridge Death in the Palazzo Deadly to the Sight The Last Gondola Frail Barrier The Veils of Venice

Timothy Williams Converging Parallels/The Red Citroen The Puppeteer/The Metal Green Mercedes Persona Non Grata/The White Audi Black August Big Italy

Marshall Browne The Wooden Leg of Inspector Anders Inspector Anders and the Ship of Fools
Inspector Anders and the Blood Vendetta

David Hewson A Season for the Dead The Villa of Mysteries The Sacred Cut The Lizard's Bite The Seventh Sacrament
The Garden of Evil Dante's Numbers The Blue Demon The Fallen Angel  Carnival for the Dead

Carlo Lucarelli Almost Blue Day After Day Carte Blanche The Damned Season via delle Oche

Massimo Carlotto The Colombian Mule The Master of Knots

Gianrico Carofiglio Involuntary Witness A Walk in the Dark Resonable Doubls Temporary Perfectins
The Past is a Foreign Country

Andrea Camilleri The Shape of Water The Terra-cotta Dog The Snack Thief Voice of the Violin The Excursion To Tindari The Smell of the Night Rounding the Mark The Patience of the Spider The Paper Moon August Heat
The Wings of the Sphinx The Track of Sand The Potter's Field The Age of Doubt The Dance of the Seagull

John Spencer Hill The Last Castrato Ghirlandaio's Daughter

Peter Inchbald Tondo For Short The Sweet Short Grass Short Break in Venice Or the Bambino Dies

Carolyn Coker The Other David The Vines of Ferrara Hand of the Lion 

Aaron Elkins A Glancking Light A Deceptive Clarity Fellowship of Fear Good Blood

Jonathan Gash The Vatican Rip The Gondola Scam  Jane Langton The Dante Game The Thief of Venice

Lyn Hamilton / The Etruscan Chimera  Martha Grimes/The Blue Last

Contemporary Mysteries (Non-Series)

Crimini - Italian Crime Stories  Blood Sisters by Alessandro Perissinotto

Paul Adam / Unholy Trinity Sleeper Kelly Jones / The Lost Madonna
Oliver Banks / The Caravaggio Obsession

Tonino Benacquista / Holy Smoke

Carlo Fruttero & Franco Lucentini / The Sunday Woman

Marcello Fois / The Advocate Leslie Forbes / Waking Raphael Luca di Fulvio / The Mannequin Man

Carlo Emilio Gadda / That Awful Mess on Via Merulana

Giuseppe Genna / In the Name of Ishmael
Clash of Civilizations Over an Elevator in Piazza Vittorio by Amara Lakhous

Dacia Maraini / Voices / Darkness William D. Montalbano / Basilica Ben Pastor / Liar Moon

Ottavio Cappellani / Who Is Lou Sciortino?  | Sicilian Tragedee

Ellis Peters / Holiday with Violence Juan Manuel de Prada / The Tempest Giampiero Rigosi / Night Bus

Giorgio Scerbanenco / Duca and the Milan Murders

Leonardo Sciascia / A Man's Blessing / Equal Danger / The Day of the Owl

T.C. Van Adler / St. Agatha's Breast C.P. Bracken/Roman Ring

Mickey Friedman/Venetian Mask

Historical Mysteries-Ancient Rome
Steven Saylor Roman Blood | Arms of Nemesi | Catilina’s Riddle | Venus Throw | A Murder on the Appian Way | The House of the Vestals | Rubicon | Last Seen in Massilia | A Mist of Prophecies
The Judgement of Caesar | A Gladiator Dies Only Once | The Triumph of Caesar |  The Seven Wonders
Lindsey Davis  The Silver Pigs | Shadows in Bronze | Venus in Copper | The Iron Hand of Mars | Poseidon’s Gold | Last Act in Palmyra | Time To Depart | A Dying Light in Corduba | Three Hands in the Fountain | Two for the Lions | One Virgin too Many | Ode to a Banker | A Body in the Bathhouse | The Jupiter Myth | The Accusers | Scadal Takes A HolidaySee Delphi and Die |  The Course of Honour
John Maddox Roberts  SPQR I: The King's Gambit | SPQR II: The Catiline Conspiracy | SPQR III: The Sacrilege | SPQR IV: The Temple of the Muses | SPQR V: Saturnalia | SPQR VI: Nobody Loves a Centurion | SPQR VII: The Tribune' Curse | SPQR VIII: The River God's Vengeance | SPQR IX: The Princess and the Pirates
Marilyn Todd  I, Claudia | Virgin Territory | Man Eater | Wolf Whistle | Jail Bait | Black Salamander | Dream Boat | Dark Horse | Second ActWidow's Pique | Stone Cold | Sour Grapes | Scorpion Rising
Ron Burns  Roman Nights | Roman Shadows  Barbara Hambly/Search the Seven Hills Jane Finnis/Get Out Or Die
Mike Ashley/The Mammoth Book of Roman Whodunnits  Robert Harris/Pompeii
David Wishart  Ovid | Germanicus | Sejanus | The Lydian Baker | Old Bones | Last Rites | White Murder  | A Vote for Murder | Parthian Shot | Food for the Fishes

Historical Novels - Ancient Rome Robert Harris Pompeii | Imperium  Steven Saylor Roma

Historical Mysteries-Middle Ages  |  Umberto Eco | Alan Gordon | Peter Tremayne

Historical Mysteries-Renaissance  |  Barbara Cherne | Elizabeth Eyre | Death of the Duchess | Curtains for the Cardinal | Poison for the Prince | Bravo for the Bride | Axe for an Abbot | Dirge for a Doge | George Herman | Carnival of Saints | A Comedy Of Murders | The Tears os  |  Katef the Madonna | The Florentine Mourners | The Toys of War |
Jim Williams/Scherzo | Sarah Dunant/The Birth of Venus  Sarah Dunant / In the Company of the Courtesant
Sarah Dunant/Sacred Hearts
Beverle Graves Myers / Interrupted Aria | Painted Veil | Cruel Music | The Iron Tongue of Midnight

Historical Mysteries-1800

Ross | Wilkie Collins | Michael Dibdin | Peter J. Heck | Jason Goodwin/The Bellini Card

Suspense/Thrillers-Top Ranked Authors |  Niccolo Ammaniti/I'm Not Scared  Matilde Asensi/The Last Cato|
Michael Byrnes/The Sacred Bones |  Steve Berry/The Third Secret | Steve Berry/The Amber Room
Steve Berry/The Venetian Betrayal  |  Dan Brown/Angels & Demons | Dan Brown/The Da Vinci Code
Martin Booth/A Very Private Gentleman
Victor Canning/The Chasm | Lorenzo Carcaterra/Street Boys | Paradise City | John Case/The Genesis Code | John Cleary/Peter's Pence | David Adams Cleveland/With a Gem-Like Flame | Manning Coles/The Man in the Green Hat | Ann Cornelisen/Any Four Women Could Rob the Bank of Italy | Richard Crighton/Red For Terror | Beth de Bilio/Vendatta Con Brio | Gregory Dowling/See Naples and Kill | Daphne du Maurier | Sarah Dunant/Mapping the Edge | Allan Folsom/Day of Confession |  Alan Furst/The Foreign Correspondent  Noah Charney/The Art Thief
Michael Gilbert | Robert Girardi/Vaporetto 13 | Juan Gómez-Jurado/God's Spy
Laura Grimaldi/Suspicion John Grisham/The Broker | Playing for Pizza  Gianluca Morozzi/Blackout
David Hewson/Lucifer's Shadow  The Cemetery of Secrets | Patricia Highsmith | Joesph Kanon/Alibi |
Herbert Lieberman/The Girl with the Botticelli Eyes | Robert Ludlum | Helen MacInnes | Valerie Martin/Italian Fever | Thomas F. Monteleone | David Morrell/The League of Night and Fog / Extreme Denial / Burnt Siena
Tim Parks | Lewis Perdue/The Da Vinci Legacy 
Amanda Prantera/Letter To Lorenzo | The Cabalist | The Young Italians | Don Giavanna | Capri File | Spoiler
Arturo Pérez-Reverte/The Seville Communion | Gerald Seymour |  Daniel Silva The Kill Artist The English Assassin The Confessor A Death in Vienna Prince of Fire The Messenger The Secret Servant Moscow Rules The Defector
Tad Szulc/To Kill the Pope | Ron Terpering/Nine Days in October | Nick Tosches/In the Hand of Dante |
Barry Unsworth  |  Andrew Wilson/The Lying tongue
The Italian Connection/Jill St. Anne  Brimstone by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
Paul Christopher/Michelangelo's Notebook Patricia Cornwell/Book of the Dead Elizabeth Adler/Meet Me in Venice

Action/Adventure  Edward S. Aarons/Assignment-Lili Lamaris | Assignment-Sorrento Siren | Assignment-The Girl in the Gondola | Assignment-Palermo  Jack Barnao/HammerLocke  Nick Carter | Mission To Venice | The Mark of Cosa Nostra | Our Agent In Rome Is Missing | Massacre In Milan  James Halliday/The Vatican Assignment  
James Rollins/Map of Bones | Don Smith/The Padrone

Literary Fiction  Umberto Eco/Foucault's Pendulum  Carlo Emilio Gadda/Acquainted with Grief  Andrew M. Greeley/White Smoke  Alfred Hayes/The Girl on the Via Flaminia
Robert Hellenga  Sixteen Pleasures | The Fall of a Sparrow | The Italian Lover
Thomas Hoving/Discovery James McBride/Miracle of St. Anna John Mortimer/Summer's Lease  Michael Ondaatje/The English Patient  Tim Parks Roberto Pazzi / Conclave
Jane Turner Rylands / Venetian Stories
William Styron/Set this House on Fire  Greg Tobin  Salley Vickers/Miss Garnet's Angel  / The Other Side of You
Morris West  Children of the Sun | The Devil's Advocate | Daughter of Silence | The Shoes Of The Fisherman | The Clowns Of God | Lazarus | The Salamander | Proteus | Master Class | Vanishing Point | Eminence | The Last Confession
Jean Arnaldi/Fausto's Keyhole  Enzo Bettiza/The Inspector Mae Briskin/A Hole in the Water

Non-Fiction  Candace Dempsey/Murder in Italy Angela K. Nickerson/A Journey into Michelangelo's Rome
Frank Viviano/Blood Washes Blood  Douglas Preston/The Monster of Florence
Toni Sepeda  Brunetti's Venice  John Berendt/The City of Falling Angels
Jonathan Harr/The Lost Painting
John Cornwell/A Thief in the Night  Lucien Gregoire/Murder in the Vatican
Eric Newby/Love and War in the Appennines Eric Newby/A Small Place in Italy  Eric Newby/On the Shores of the Mediterranean 
Marlena De Blasi/A Thousand Days in Venice A Thousand Days in Tuscany
Frances Mayes/Under the Tuscan Sun Paula Weideger/Venetian Dreaming Timothy Holme/ Vile Florentines