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Anno 1790

Political Drama
Those in Power
 (3-Part Mini Series)



Annika Bengtzon - Crime Reporter

Set in Sweden

Based on the novels by Liza Marklund

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From the producers of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Wallander comes a new Scandinavian crime series featuring uncompromising crime reporter Annika Bengtzon. The series of six crime films is based on Liza Marklund’s best-selling novels, which have sold over 13 million copies in more than 30 languages worldwide and made Annika Bengtzon one of Scandinavian crime’s most popular characters. Sheis a very modern woman, a workaholic and mother of two struggling to keep her marriage alive. Fearless in her constant search for the truth, her journalist’s instincts and troubled past lead her to the edge of danger and to the heart of every crime. From going undercover in a strip club, to probing a complex spiral of terrorism, travelling to the Costa del Sol to investigate murders connected to a drug trade and narrowly escaping a bullet to rescue a missing boy, Annika stares criminals in the face to hunt down her story.

A high profile production with some of Scandinavia’s finest talent attached,including rising star Malin Crépin as Annika.


See Episode Descriptions Below

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Episode Descriptions

Episode 1  Nobel’s Last Will

While covering the annual Nobel Banquet, Annika witnesses a spectacular murder right in front of her. 

Episode 2  Prime Time

On her way to a family gathering, Annika has to leave her boyfriend and two children to report on the murder of a famous television host.

Episode 3  Studio Sex

The case of a murdered stripper becomes political dynamite when it's revealed that the Minister of Trade visited her club the night she was killed.

Episode 4  The Red Wolf

When a journalist is murdered, Annika realizes that the killing is connected to a terrorist attack that happened 40 years earlier.

Episode 5  Lifetime

Annika reports on the strange case of a young female police officer who’s accused of killing her husband and hiding their young son.

Episode 6  A Place In The Sun

Annika travels to Costa del Sol, Spain, to cover a story about a Swedish family who was killed during a burglary.

Episode 7  Paradise

While working on a story about Paradise, a foundation that claims to protect abused women, Annika stumbles across a murder in Stockholm's harbor. While seeking the truth - and a good story - Annika finds herself drawn to Thomas, a married civil servant also interested in discovering the truth about Paradise. They both sense fraud behind the facade of charity.

Episode 8  Deadline (The Bomber)

Annika tries to uncover the details behind a devastating bomb blast in the newly-constructed Olympic Stadium, which left the head of the organizing committee dead. As the investigation proceeds, she finds herself at odds with both the police and her superiors. Unlike them, she has a gut feeling that the bombing wasn't a terrorist attack but personally motivated.