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Martin Beck
 (Sjöwall & Wahlöö)
2 Series Starring:
Gösta Ekman
Peter Haber

Henning Mankell

Kurt Wallander
3 Series Starring
Rolf Lassgård
Krister Henriksson
Kenneth Branagh

Kennedy's Brain

The Fjällbacka Murders
NEW! (Camilla Läckberg)
Enemy's Enemy
 (Jan Guillous)
Crimes of Passion 
 (Maria Lang)
Inspector and the Sea
 (Mari Jungstedt)
Annika Bengtzon
 (Liza Marklund)
Johan Falk
(Crime Thriller)
Arne Dahl Films
Irene Huss
 (Helene Tursten)
Van Veeteren
 (Håkan Nesser)
Bron - The Bridge
Sebastian Bergman
 (Rolf Lassgård)
Jägarna 1 & 2
 (Rolf Lassgård)
Innocently Convicted
 (Oskyldigt dömd)
The Millennium Trilogy
 (Stieg Larrson)
Maria Wern
 (Anna Jansson)
Anno 1790

Political Drama
Those in Power
 (3-Part Mini Series)



Arne Dahl Films

Based on the bestselling crime novels by Arne Dahl

Set in Sweden
In Swedish with English Subtitles

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for the Home Video Market

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NTSC-Region 1

Region 1, NTSC
Episodes 1-5
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PAL-Region 2

Arne Dahl Complete
Five Episodes

Region 2  PAL

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#1 - Misterioso

SYNOPSIS: An early August morning a russian gangster is murdered in a bankoffice somewhere in the Swedish countryside. Shortly after 3 finance men are shot to death in their homes in Stockholm. The murderer leaves no traces. The finance world is paniced the police commissioner ascembles a special unit, the A group, with criminal inspector Jenny Hultin as its leader.

Region 2  PAL

#2 - Bad Blood
(Ont Blod)

SYNOPSIS: An American serial killer is on board a plane from New York to Stockholm. Without a proper identification and with great urgency A-group try to locate this passenger before Sweden inadvertently imports it's first American serial killer. The serial killer enters Sweden, and very soon he begins his killing spree. His methods are blood thirsty and can be traced back to the Vietnam War. A collaboration with the FBI begins in an desperate attempt to catch him.

Region 2  PAL

#3 - To the Top of the Mountain
(Upp Till Toppen Av Berget)

SYNOPSIS: A young football supporter gets knocked down by a beer mug in a well-known pub in Stockholm. He dies on the floor of the pub. It's a meaningless crime, far from the heydays of the Intercrime, which has now been dispersed. Paul Hjelm and Kerstin Holm have to deal with it. And when they do, something happens. In the background of the restaurant there are things going on, things they slowly come to grips with. These things seem to be connected to other, and much more gruesome, violent crimes in Sweden this midsummer.

Region 2  PAL

#4 - Many Waters
(De Största Vatten)

SYNOPSIS: It is a story of love gone extremely sour, which becomes the journey of a lifetime - and the viewer is dragged onto a roller coaster ride of emotional extremes. Kerstin Holm is confronted with her former fiance, who is accused of shooting an unarmed African refugee trying to escape deportation. It turns out that he is involved in a much more extensive game, a self-appointed biblical crusade of righteousness. This game forces its way into the most hidden corners of Kerstin Holm's life and emotions, and leads the entire Intercrime team of the Swedish police to study the most disturbing parts of the Holy Scriptures in their quest for a killer who will let nothing stand in the way of his self-appointed mission.

Region 2  PAL

#5 - The Europe Blues
(Europa Blues)

SYNOPSIS: What does the strange execution of a man at the Stockholm zoo Skansen have to do with the eight disappearing Eastern European women from a refugee station outside the city? And do these cases really have any connection with the horrifying murder of the old Jewish professor at the Jewish cemetery? And what is their relation to the diary from a vague, nightmare-like place on the border of death in 1945? Could any of this really have the least to do with the Intercrime member Arto Söderstedt on a long vacation in Tuscany with his big family? Slowly the seemingly disconnected cases approach each other in the minds of the Intercrime. And time starts acting strange for superintendent Jan-Olov Hultin. The past is not in order. The different cases slowly form a net that his team throws over Europe - and over the dubious Swedish past

Region 2  PAL