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In French with English subtitles

An eminent wine expert leads the investigation... Benjamin Lebel is a leading light in his field: an internationally reputed wine expert, he publishes a keenly-awaited new guide every year. So it's only natural that Police Inspector Barbaroux turns to him when he finds himself hunting a serial killer who combines murders and... Grand Crus! Aided by his assistant, young wine expert Virgile, and Mathilde, the head of his lab, Benjamin joins in the hunt. Benjamin's intuition and his nose makes him want to solve the puzzling case, leading him to carry out a parallel investigation. In the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, in the region of Cognac or in Champagne, Benjamin's expertise goes way beyond liquors and the finest wines: having caught the investigative bug, Benjamin answers present for each new case. Whether it's to find out who intentionally contaminated the vats at Chateau Erlange, who killed Baptiste Alulel, a highly gifted assembler of Cognac vintages, or who's prepared to kill to get their hands on a plot of miraculous land, Benjamin, in the company of his two trusty partners, uses his nose to unravel the cases.

Pierre Arditi fills the role with elegance and virtuosity, a new kind of investigator in the heart of the vineyards and in the sumptuous settings of the loveliest wine-growing regions in France. Every conclusive episode features a guest who completes the team: Marisa Berenson, Judith Magre or Feodor Atkine, for example. Adapted from the crime collection published by FAYARD, THE BLOOD OF THE VINE is a series of full-bodied yet light thrillers!

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Episode Descriptions
Blood of the Vine
The Tears of Pasquin #101

An eminent wine expert Benjamin Lebel prepares his new guide, Police Inspector Barbaroux requests his help with a very unusual case. The body of an old man has been discovered, lying next to a glass of wine – alongside eleven other empty glasses. Lebel is asked to identify the vintage, and before long he is running his own parallel investigation. 2010.

Blood of the Vine
Le Coup De Jarnac #102

Benjamin Lebel and his faithful assistant Silvere go to Jarnac to audit the Castle Aludel. The owner questions Benjamin’s expertise and turns him away, but the very next day a body is discovered on the castle grounds. Was this audit really the result of chance? Directed by Marc Rivière, 2011.

Blood of the Vine
Margaux’S Robe #103

The sales director of a famous Bordelais chateau is murdered, and Benjamin Lebel’s daughter is a collateral victim. Benjamin decides to investigate. 2011.

Blood of the Vine
Mission In Pessac #104

Benjamin Lebel is called in to investigate the contamination of an old friend’s wine stocks. Was it an accident, or sabotage? Directed by Aruna Villiers, 2011.

Blood of the Vine
A Question of Brandy.....Or Death #105

The cellars of Baron Castayrac have been ravaged by fire. Benjamin Lebel is sent by the insurance company to investigate the claim, and he soon discovers evidence of arsonl. 2012.

Blood of the Vine
Golden Wedding In Sauternes #106

Benjamin Lebel is approached by a couple to appraise forty bottles of rare Sauternes. Shortly afterwards the couple is brutally murdered, and the precious bottles gone. For the police, there is no doubt as to motive. Benjamin leads the investigation. 2012.

Blood of the Vine
Food and Setbacks in the Loire Valley #107

The famous actor Léon Delhomme has asked for Bejamin Lebel’s help in selecting wine for a charity auction. Years before, Delhomme’s wife died under mysterious circumstances. Journalist Marco Ferri begins a new investigation into her death, when he himself is tragically killed. Benjamin suspects a link between the two deaths, and sets off to solve the mystery. 2012.

Blood of the Vine
The Silky Widows #108

Season Finale! The imminent Vonnelle family is hit by several successive deaths – Paul Vonnelle dies in his sleep, and his son in a riding accident. Paul’s husband Alice wants to create a vintage tribute to her late son, and calls in Benjamin Lebel for consultation. But were the accidental deaths truly accidents? 2012.