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Antigone 34
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Engrenages - (Spiral)
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Blood of the Vine
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 (TV Thriller - 2 Seasons)
 (Thriller-Parts 1&2)
Commissaire Adamsberg
 (Fred Vargas)




Set in Montpellier, France

In French with English subtitles

A new section of law enforcement is set up to fight crime.
Codename: Antigone 34

Under the pressure of an invisible and powerful enemy, Lea Hippolyte, a police commissioner and martial arts specialist joins forces with Victor, a marginal doctor wrongly disbarred, and with Helene, a non-conformist psycho-criminologist. Their investigations on “ordinary” crimes cross paths with much higher stakes and address universal topics. Filmed in Montpellier in the south of France, this series follows three characters with little in common joining forces to overcome common threats. Directed by Louis-Pascal Couvelaire, Roger Simonsz, 2012.

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Episode Descriptions

Episode 1

After being cleared to start working again, Captain Lea Hippolyte investigates the murder of a young female med student. The police suspect a hazing incident gone wrong, but when another fellow student is also found murdered the motive is less obvious. Lea must find the link between the two homicides as well as determine whether or not the first victim's father, a disgraced doctor named Victor, is withholding information.

Episode 2

A video-game programmer is pronounced missing by his wife who fears the worst. Lea takes on the case personally and discovers that missing man's credit card is being used by a young gypsy boy. Lea crosses paths with Victor again, who has learned of new information surrounding his daughter's murder from Paco, an old friend from prison.

Episode 3

Lea's young partner is gravely injured by a hit and run during a traffic stop. The driver is soon after shot and killed by Perez, Lea's antagonistic rival in the police force. Lea's discovers that the perpetrator's documents were forged and goes on a hunt to uncover a criminal operation that produces fake IDs to illegal immigrants.

Episode 4

A body is discovered in the freezer of a fish warehouse after an attempted robbery. The victim, a ship captain, was murdered prior to the break-in and the police must investigate potential suspects, ranging from eco-activists to jealous cuckolds. Meanwhile, a delirious woman turns up at the gypsy camp and insists on finding her missing baby.

Episode 5

Lea and the police investigate what appears to be a contracted hit on a single mother in her home. The unreachable victim's ex-husband seems to have the best motive, however a female neighbor insists that the she was the intended target. Lea bets her money on the ex-husband but must first track him down and obtain solid evidence.

Episode 6

Victor agrees to conduct an operation on an escort girl in exchange for help in own quest for truth on his daughter. However, his patient is later found dead in what appears to be an attempt to frame him. Lea must investigate into the world of high class liaisons in order to find out who's behind the set up and prove Victor's innocence.