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Set in France

In French with English subtitles

A worldwide bestseller, Dolmen is the most successful French
drama series ever, with over 12 million viewers per episode.

The beautiful craggy island of Ty Kern, off the coast of Brittany, becomes the stage of strange, dramatic happenings as one by one members of well-known local families die in mysterious circumstances. The ritual involved in each of these deaths revives an old and sinister island legend – that of the shipwreckers. Marie Kermeur, who was born in Ty Kern, starts investigating, but a top cop from Paris, Lucas Fersen, is soon put in charge of the case. However, given that her family is being directly affected by these eerie events, Marie is determined to help solve the mystery. Despite initial mutual mistrust, a strong attraction grows between Marie and Lucas. Together they reveal Ty Kern’s darkest secrets.

Directed by Didier Albert, 2005.

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Episodes 1-6
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Episode Descriptions

Episode 1

Policewoman Marie Kermeur returns to the island of Ty Kern to marry her childhood sweetheart, Christian Bihar. The nuptials get put on hold when a tragic death rocks her family and the close-knit island community. A cryptic note in the victim’s hand says, “For Marie, He will judge. From the stone, blood will spill.” She asks to be put on the case as investigator, but that job goes to Lucas Fersen from the mainland.

Episode 2

Marie continues her personal investigation of the strange events on Ty Kern, and meets the Irish novelist, Patrick Ryan, who is living in the lighthouse and writing a book about Celtic legends. More deaths occur on the island, and the blood of the victims appears to be pouring from the large stones that are in a formation near the lighthouse. The islanders blame Marie for the run of events.

Episode 3

Christian leaves the island to take part in the Plymouth/Newport boat race, with problems between him and Marie unresolved. When the surveillance cameras on the large bleeding stones go out, Lucas investigates and sees a strange apparition. He and Marie hammer out a truce of sorts, and together they research and find that a woman named Marie washed up on the shore of Ty Kern in 1968.

Episode 4

More mysterious deaths keep happening on Ty Kern, and the large menhirs keep shedding blood. Marie stumbles upon a young couple who come from the two feuding families on the island. She also continues her investigation despite resistance from the islanders, and begins to talk to people with specific memories of the night of the tragic shipwreck in 1968.

Episode 5

In their joint investigation of the deaths and strange happenings on Ty Kern, Marie and Lucas talk to the heads of the warring families. They uncover affairs, intrigue and malice that go back decades. They also discover that on the night of the shipwreck, some of the adults on the island played a role.

Episode 6

Marie and Lucas finally unravel the dark secrets behind the bleeding stones and the mysterious deaths. They also learn that how the shipwreck in 1968 impacted the lives of the islanders in the years that followed – some for better, some for worse.